Commonly Used Acronyms

If you’re getting lost when the Lions acronyms start flying, don’t despair! Please send your corrections and additions to the Webmaster.

CC – Counsil Chairperson
CEP – Club Quality Initiative
COG – Council of Governors
CS – Cabinet Secretary
CT – Cabinet Treasurer
DC – District Chairperson or Co-coordinator
DG – District Governor
DGE – District Governor Elect
DS – District Secretary
GLT – Global Leadership Team
GMT – Global Membership Team
ID – International Director
IP – International President
IPCC – Immediate Past Council Chairperson
IPDG – Immediate Past District Governor
IPID – Immediate Past International Director
IPIP – Immediate Past International President
LCI – Lions Clubs International
LCIF – Lions Clubs International Foundation
LP – Lion President
LPE – Lion President Elect
MAR – Monthly Activity Report (MAR is redundant as the report is now called Service Activity which is included in My LCI)
MD – Multiple District
MJF – Melvin Jones Fellowship
MMR – Monthly Membership Report (MMR is redundant as the term My LCI is preferred)
My LCI – My Lions Club Information
PCC – Past Council Chairperson
PDG – Past District Governor
PID – Past International Director
PIP – Past International President
PR – Public Relations
RC – Region Chairperson
1st VDG – 1st Vice District Governor
2nd VDG – 2nd Vice District Governor
YEP – Youth Exchange Program
ZC – Zone Chairperson

Submit a new acronym or let us know if any of the above have become redundant.

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