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Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Please read Lions Mourn Passing of Nelson Mandela, a tribute to the great man, written by Lions Clubs International President Barry Palmer.
Tribute to Nelson Mandela, by Barry Palmer

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Transcript – “I know Lions around the world join me in expressing their sincere condolences to the people of South Africa as they mourn the death of their former president Nelson Mandela. As a freedom fighter, statesman, and ambassador of peace, President Mandela set an example for millions of people to emulate.  His passion for others and his demonstrated ability to bring people together endeared him to people from every culture.  His position of non-violence even in the midst of turbulent times set him apart and elevated his prominence as a world leader.  There can be no better example of his universal respect than his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He served the people not only of South Africa, but of every nation.  Even after he left the office of President, he remained at the forefront of civil rights.  He belonged to the world, and the world will miss him. It is the fervent hope of Lions Clubs International and our members in 208 countries that Nelson Mandela’s platform of peace will continue to influence world leaders and usher in a millennium of peace and understanding.”

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Kirstenbosch Mandela Day Project

When Lion Godfrey Groepes alerted his fellow Kirstenbosch members to conditions at the Christian David Moravian Primary School in Steenberg President Sue Charles decided to make this her signature project for the year.mandela-day-2

The majority of the pupils come from the informal settlement of Vrygrond, many from broken homes, and although the dedicated headmaster and staff of the school do their best, there is only so much they can do with the limited resources at their disposal.

mandela-day-1So, what better way to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday and the 67 minutes of service on Mandela Day, than to give the approx 380 learners a treat of hot dogs, Coke and fruit?

Club members expropriated the staff room as a make shift kitchen and it didn’t take long to have a conveyer belt system operational. Learners, starting with the youngest, accompanied by their class teacher, formed orderly lines to receive a hot dog and Coke, followed by an apple.

mandela-day-3As the headmaster so rightly stated, it is not only the fact that we gave these deprived youngsters a treat but even more important, that we cared. The Kooverjee brothers donated 100 pairs of shoes on the day as part of their commitment to the 67 Minutes of Service…

Thanks to Dole South Africa, Coimba, Pick n Pay Steenberg and CocaCola for financial assistance.

The Club will be totally renovating the two toilet blocks and plan to involve the school in the global ‘Reading Action Programme’

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