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Zone 3: Louis Volks Humanitarian Awards Evening

Lions Clubs International District 410A (Zone 3), had the privilege of honoring four guests with the prestigious Louis Volks Humanitarian Award people at a special event held on Wednesday, 23rd May 2018.   Hosted by Zone Chairperson Dawn Poole, the awards were presented to people who have given dedicated and distinguished service to the community which exemplifies the ideals of Lionism.  The Louis Volks Humanitarian Awards were presented by the following Lions Clubs to:

Lions Club of Tableview: LP Felicity van Eck:  Aziza Nolan

Aziza is the founder of the Peace Home, a safe haven for abused and neglected children in Parklands.  She currently has twelve children under her care as well as one abandoned baby. All her children have harrowing backgrounds.

Aziza grew up wanting to help children, her first one being a six year old boy who was living in a car. This was when Aziza was just 18 years old herself!  She paid for her own education which included the study of psychology.  She also later acquired an NNCB, and international qualification in child care.  In 1998, a child care position enabled Aziza to travel to the UK where she furthered her studies in psychology, training also in maternity nursing.  She is an international expert in infant care.

She tirelessly campaigns against child abuse in South Africa and overseas and is often the guest speaker at events, interviewed on the radio etc.

Lions Club of Merriman: PDG Clive Fox: Deirdré Gower

Deirdré Gower is mother to 19 year old Damian Gower who has spastic quadriplegia following a reaction to a vaccination at around 9 months of age and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She wears a few hats, most of which bear the South African outdoors on their brim. She is a horse trail guide in a wildlife sanctuary, a freelance website designer, writer and social media marketer, the co-founder of Warrior On Wheels Foundation, and founder of Accessible South Africa. Deirdre is passionate about promoting universal access in tourism.

Warrior On Wheels Foundation, a unique, Cape-based South African NPO, aims to uplift and empower children with disabilities by providing special adventures tailored for special kids, thereby changing perceptions of ability and bridging gaps between able-bodied and differently-abled communities. Through consulting with adventure providers and establishments within the tourism industry they are forging partnerships that promote accessibility for all abilities

Lions Club of Durbanville: LP Stuart Bowles: Maritjie Paxton

Maritjie Paxton the Managing Director of the Sing For Africa School.  Sing for Africa was established in February 2007 to make a difference in the lives of less privileged children.   As time progressed the organisation, realised that children never exist in isolation and if one wants to improve their lives one needs to improve their general living conditions and development.

This refocused the organisation to start right at the roots of their area of interest, with an Early Childhood Development Centre in Happy Valley, Cape Town.    Soon the ECD Centre were simultaneously utilised as a community centre where the parents of the children and other locals from the community were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist them to become self- sustainable in order to not only improve their own living conditions but to provide better for their children.

Apart from reaching around 70 pre-schoolers more than a hundred women are involved in spiritual renewal and skills development programmes at the centre.

Since the registration of Sing For Africa they have supported numerous humanitarian organizations and assisted a number of individuals who have needed assistance with either drug related cases, alcohol abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, poverty alleviation, malnutrition alleviation, work opportunities, motivational and upliftment workshops and much more.

Lions Club of Tygerberg Hills: LP Patrick Pillay: Maureen Henshaw-Dan

Maureen is the founder of Operation Feed which was born eighteen years ago when she saw the desperate plight of so many people from all walks of life, races and creeds.  She began by preparing meals from her own pocket to feed the elderly, single parents, children – anyone who was in need.  She also prepared lunch packs for school children.

The Lions Club of Tygerberg Hills assisted Maureen when Food Bank took over the distribution of foodstuffs which was collected from Pick n Pay as she could not afford the costs imposed on the amount of food she needed.  However, the Lions Club of Tygerberg Hills rescued the organisation and with Lion Andre Visser at the helm, they managed to source the foodstuffs she required.

Maureen and her team go the extra mile to ensure that everyone on her database is fed on a daily basis – even if it is at 12h00 at night! And it doesn’t end there.  Operation Feed is involved in the following projects:

  • Alleviating poverty in poverty stricken areas
  • Empowering women and children
  • Positively influencing communities
  • Supporting single parents in their struggle
  • Making a difference in the lives of the elderly
  • Hosting a Soccer Club, Rugby Club and Dancing School – to keep children off the street
  • Hosting HIV and Aids Awareness Workshops
  • Arranging Substance Abuse Awareness events
  • Running several soup kitchens
  • Supporting  a crèche whose families cannot pay fees
  • Wedding planning for couples – from the dress, make up, jewelry, cars and venues
  • Providing workshops to upskill women, i.e. knitting, sewing, baking, etc. to enable them to make and sell to support their families
  • Additional teaching classes to help children with their homework.
  • Holding annual Christmas Parties and provide 200 children with stationary required for school as well as other goodies.
  • Providing food hampers for 100 families during Christmas and serve 200 meals on Christmas Day
  • Delivering  Easter Eggs to all the children on their database at Eastertime.

Our heartiest congratulations to these four people who have made such a difference in the lives of others.

Pictured here are:

Back Row: (Left to Right) LP Patrick Pillay, PDG Clive Fox, Deirdré Gower, DG Geila Wills, LP Felicity van Eck, LP Stuart Bowles

Front Row: (Left to Right) Maureen Henshaw-Dan, Zone Chairperson Dawn Poole, Damien Gower, Lexi (District 410A’s Mascot for 2017 – 2018), Aziza Nolan, Maritjie Paxton






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Calling all Club Secretaries!

Everything You Need to Know About Reporting 2018-19 Club Officers

The new fiscal year 2018-19 is quickly approaching and it is now time for Club Secretaries to report their Clubs’ new Club Officers on MyLCI as soon as they have been elected. 

It is important to record these details timeously to ensure that their details are loaded onto the system ready for them to access with effect from 1st July 2018.

  • Once clubs report their officers in MyLCI, the information is immediately available to your district and to international headquarters so no extra paperwork is necessary.
  • The Club Locator on the Lions’ website displays the new officers.
  • Timely monthly reporting by clubs in your district will provide up to date and accurate district/multiple district membership reports.

How to report

  • Reporting club officers is easy using MyLCI. Click video to view a short video demonstration.
  • Clubs not using MyLCI can report officers using the Club Officer Reporting Form. Mailing instructions are included on the form.

Update other club information

Club officers in District 410A have been notified that this  is also the ideal time to:

  • Verify their own contact information in MyLCI as a valid email address is essential for using MyLCI 2018-19 and beyond.
  • Verify the new Club Officer’s email addresses, mailing address and phone number as these details may have changed,
  • Check to ensure the membership roster is up to date.  That will help the incoming officers get a good start in the new Lion year.

For more information or queries please contact:        

Phone: 630-203-3830
Fax: 630-706-9295
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Welcome: The Lions Club of Drakenstein!

And so, District 410A welcomes yet another Lions Club!

The Lions Club of Drakenstein was Chartered at a glittering affair in Paarl on Saturday, 24th February 2018 which was attended by 100 people.

Thirty three charter members were inducted during the evenings events and we take pleasure in introducing you to the Charter Board Members of the Lions Club of Drakenstein who can be seen in the accompanying photo together with DG Geila (and Lexi).

  • Alvina Abrahams: Charter President/GAT Chairperson
  • John Stoffels: Vice-President/GLT Chairperson
  • Cathleen Andrews: Secretary
  • Cyril Kroutz: Treasurer
  • Pedro Daniels: Services/GST Chairperson
  • Solly Solomon: Membership/GMT Chairperson
  • Dean Patton: Marketing & PR Chairperson

We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours!

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