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In Memoriam Lion Izzy Wolman

Lion Izzy Wolman

Lion Izzy Wolman

Born in 1924, Israel Selig “Izzy” Wolman was a man amongst men with a dry sense of humour and a talent for public speaking. His attention to detail was legendary and his constant references to the *Three P’s and Five B’s helped many members.
*(PPP- Prepare Pal Prepare and BBBBB – Be Brief Brother Be Brief – both fundamental guidelines in public speaking). He served as a member of Lions Clubs International, starting as a Charter member of the Rondebosch Club in 1960, serving as Club President in 1967-68. He was Zone Chairperson in 1970-71 and was elected District Governor in 1973-74, and then Chairperson of the Council of Governors in 1990-91.

He played a pivotal role as member and Chairperson of the Constitutions and Resolutions committee at both District and Multiple District level between 1984 and 2000.
With the closure of Rondebosch in 2001, he moved to Kirstenbosch.

His fifty four years of Humanitarian Community Service impacted on many lives and created many heart-warming and often amusing memories for all who knew him.

In Rondebosch, he was the convenor of the then longest running club service project through his involvement with LOFOB (League of Friends of the Blind).

He was the “gentleman Lion” whose great sense of humour included the often rare ability to laugh at himself. He was a much respected member and his fellow Lions have much to be grateful for in having served with him. He enriched their lives with his knowledge, wit and willingness to have fun.

Honoured at all levels of the Association, he was a Life Member and Melvin Jones Fellow. However, his community involvement stretched far beyond being a Lion as he was a Freemason, member of Toastmasters and a prominent and well respected member of the Claremont Hebrew Congregation. His extensive involvement in South Africa and International religious matters earned him many accolades.

Throughout his life, he was ably supported by his Lions Lady Sylvia, who predeceased him.

A person achieves success, who lives well,
Laughs often and loves much,
Who gains the respect of intelligent people
And the love of little children.
Who fills a niche and accomplishes his or her task,
Who leaves the world better than he or she found it,
Whether by a brighter flower,
A perfect poem, or a rescued soul.
Who always sees the best in others
And gives the best he or she has,
Whose life is an inspiration,
Whose memory is a benediction,


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China earthquake

China earthquake – urgent appeal for help

Dear Lions,

On Sunday, a terrible tragedy occurred. A large earthquake struck the Yunnan Province of China. Authorities estimate that nearly 600 people have lost their lives from the Zhaotong
earthquake, with an additional 2,800 people injured across several counties. Even more people are missing. It is estimated that more than 25,500 homes were completely destroyed, with an even higher number of houses damaged.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) immediately awarded a US$250,000 Major
Catastrophe Grant with money from the disaster relief fund, allowing Lions in affected areas to
immediately begin providing assistance. These funds will help meet immediate needs by
providing food, water, medicine, blankets and other necessities as quickly as possible. The funds will also support long-term reconstruction and recovery.

With approximately 21,000 Lions members in China, many of our fellow Lions have been directly impacted by this disaster. We must help them as they provide relief and assistance to their affected communities. I encourage you to consider making a donation to the Foundation for disaster relief. Donations to the disaster relief fund are Melvin Jones Fellowship eligible and can make a real difference in times of need.

DONATE NOW (and make a difference)

Thank you for your support.
Barry J. Palmer
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

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