Members who attended the MD Convention in the Wilderness at the end of April will remember that Lion Bee Ling from the Lions Club of Gordon’s Bay is joining LCI in looking for Lions – but with one big difference.

LCI is hoping to increase our membership of Lions and Leos to 1.7m by the year 2020

Lion Bee is hoping just to save the 20 000 four legged Lions that remain in the world

Lion Bee shared a video at Convention showing that the Lion species is extinct in 26 African countries and have vanished from over 90 % of their historic range. Though lions still exist in 27 African countries and 1 Asian country, only seven countries are known to each contain more than 1000 Lions. To refresh your memory, you can watch the video by following this link in the comfort of your home and let the reality of the situation sink in.

The Reasons

  • Habitat loss, fragmentation and Human-Lion-Conflicts
  • Unsustainable or illegal trophy hunt
  • Illegal bush-meat trade of prey species, resulting in lions being caught and killed in snares and lack of lion prey
  • Trade with lion bones and parts also became a major threat: Lion bones are used for traditional “medicines”, wine and other products, believing that it provides health benefits. There is no way to trace the source of any of the lion’s parts
  • Canned Hunting
  • Many more …..

So, how can us fellow Lions help?  Lion Bee suggested that as Lion members we could promote the conservation of Lions as a project, which she has aptly named the Lions4Lions Project.   This can be done by:

  • CREATING AWARENESS: Each of us can create awareness, that the iconic Lion Species is under major risk of extinction.
  • SUPPORTING: Habitat loss, loss due to snaring and poaching and Human-Lion-Conflicts are very complex subjects. Project support is required in many places.
  • FUNDRAISING: Lions can help with fundraising projects and donations
  • AWARENESS: When travelling in Africa, please THINK before you VISIT, CUDDLE, PHOTOGRAPH, WALK or VOLUNTEER
  • Very few of the private lion farms and predator facilities in Africa can be regarded as real conservation undertakings.
  • LOOK OUT: for REAL sanctuaries and volunteer organisations

At the moment there are 1.45m Lions members worldwide.  TOGETHER we CAN and  WILL have a HUGE impact! So let’s start creating worldwide awareness that the Lion species is on the brink of extinction.

For more information visit the Lions4Lions Website.  For up to date information you can also follow the Lions4 Lions Facebook page which can be found here.

Lion Bee has leaflets available for your Club which can be handed out at public events to raise awareness and also to your friends and families to get the word out there.  Encourage everyone you come into contact with to sign the database on the Lions4Lions website and in return receive news hot off the press about this dire situation.

Make this a Club project and let’s get started before it’s too late.





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