Diabetes Awareness Camp

TOP SECRET!  We’d like to introduce to you District 410A’s “Secret Agent” in the Lions Clubs International  “commission” to raise Diabetes Awareness.

DC Beryl Simpson, (not her real name!) , a member of the Lions Club of Newlands, has been working “under cover” for the duration of the Lionistic year. Her “mission” –  to encourage each Club in the District to conduct a Diabetes Awareness/Health related project.

To date, 63 Diabetes related projects have been completed, a sign that the “operation” is succeeding.  2073 glucose tests have been completed of which 1231resulted in further medical assistance being required.

In addition DC Beryl successfully convened a Strides Walk for Diabetes Awareness in November 2017, has given numerous talks on the subject at various functions/projects, and more recently encouraged Lions to become “field agents” at the Cape Town Big Walk which took place from 14 – 17 March 2018 at the Crawford Campus in Crawford.   While she and her team diligently tested 517 people,  Lions Clubs were given the opportunity to use their “observation” skills and promote Lionism at the Expo.  Of the 517 people tested, 39 were found to have high HGT and following medical investigations it was found that 23 of these people were unaware that they had contracted Diabetes.

But this is not all, DC Beryl’s latest “mission” was to convene a camp for children living with Diabetes. DC Beryl “infiltrated” the Soetwater Holiday Resort where she “smuggled” in 25 children who had been selected by Sister April at the Tygerberg Hospital and treated them to two days of interactive games, talks and fun – all related to Diabetes Awareness.  DC Beryl used her “surveillance” skills to entice Clubs in District 410A to sponsor the children who attended the camp,  and following a lot of “under cover intelligence”, local businesses were approached to sponsor food, bread, cold drinks etc.  Trained medical staff were on hand at the camp which took place from 04-05 April 2018 and was a huge success.

So, now that her “cover” has been blown, let’s congratulate DC Beryl on a very successful year and her “assignment” which, although is still ongoing, has been accomplished!

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