Lions Boys to Men Weekend: Feedback

The Lions Boys to Men weekend has now taken place and once again was a huge success.  The weekend has inspired people world wide and has received many complementary statements such as:

  • Ground breaking
  • Inspiring
  • Exactly what our country needs
  • A sorely needed program for our young boys
  • Great Youth Development
  • and many WOWs!

The Founder of Boys to Men Canada, David Cordes was so inspired that he flew in from Canada at his own expense to staff, mentor and train during the weekend.  He also committed to return to Cape Town to attend the next Lions Boys to Men weekend.

Indeed the weekend owes its success to the leadership of DC Charlie Flanagan, who with his leadership team, lead the eighteen young boys through their transformation and enabled them to see their lives light up with hope for a greater and brighter future.  It should be mentioned here that five Junior Staff Members were five young boys who attended the Boys to Men program in 2017 and were so inspired that they have returned to transfer their learnings to others!

All too soon the weekend was over.  The homecoming event was held at the Lions Club of Tokai’s Clubhouse.  Sponsoring Lions, parents, siblings, educators and school principals attended and listened as the boys related their learnings.  The invited guests were then allowed to honour the boys.

The report backs have been astounding,  from parents, families and educators but most importantly, the boys have a new purpose of hope to be good role models, dream of great visions for them, their community and their country.

This difference was only made possible through the support of sponsoring Clubs and for this we thank you.

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