The Lion of Lions Story

The photo story below is brought to you by DC Clive Fox. To understand just how the Lion of Lions became the Roaring Lion, also read this story.

DC Clive Fox handed over the 10kg Lion to internationally acclaimed artist Riaan van Zyl at his Kalk Bay studio:

Riaan paints the Lion’s mane and then it is collected and delivered to Progressive Electronics in Goodwood. After a few days of planning the Lion of Lions is then converted to the ‘Roaring Lion” – an idea generated by DC Clive Fox to attract greater public interest.

Our first technical hitch was resolved by fitting the Lion with a rechargeable small battery. But it could not cope with demand and was finally replaced with a 12 volt battery hidden under an upturned wine box supplied by Vaughan Johnson at the Wine Shop.

Then we needed the services of locally based Lions to empty the coin box and do any minor repairs so Lions Alan Abrahamson (Kirstenbosch) and Lion Janine (Sea Point) offered to assist.

On completion of the public display the Lion was moved to an interim storage area, tidied up and the coin unit removed prior to being auctioned at Moyo Restaurant. The auction took place during MD Convention so the event was only recorded for the television programme. The successful bidder Mr Deon Conradie CEO of RandTrust bought it for R10000 because both he and his children liked it so much.

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